Rocket Themes: Extensions for Your Free Joomla Templates

Modulus is a free Joomla template released in 2011, and has close to 28 module variations and 12 colors. However, there are more free Joomla templates  and Rocket Themes offered than just Modulus; there are countless, each one is unique and serves different functions.  Choose themes based on your needs and on whether it integrates with the template style that you choose. All Rocket themes come with a cornucopia of available extensions; Rokweather displays weather information on your site, while RokNewsflash broadcasts news snippets. You can pipe tweets related to your content direct to your site with RokTwittie, and RokStories rotates your content. Table displays are made easy using RokFeatureTable, RokMiniEvents synchronizes with your Google calendar or JomSocial.  There are so many Rocket Theme extensions compatible with Joomla it is hard to go over them all:  RokStock, RokComments, RokTabs, RokAjaxSearch—all at your fingertips with the Modulus template (and others) from Joomla.  With all these resources, the possibilities are endless.

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